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Project Development Support

project development support

The purpose of the GFID INDIA support to the private sector in India is to identify the needs of the private sector by strengthening the capacity of the Chamber of Commerce. This could potentially serve as the next step in identifying and analyzing the feasibility of funded projects under the Indian Union External Investment Plan in India.

The goal of the GFID INDIA PDS is to improve the investment climate in partner countries, building on a structured dialogue with the private sector and to create decent jobs in Inida, in particular for young people and women. The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the private sector in Madhya Pradesh.

The specific objective is to strengthen the capacity of the Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the implementation of the priority actions of its Strategic Plan and in particular to identify and accompany the Chamber in the implementation of the support actions of the MP private sector, in synergy with the interventions of other donors and consistent with the local institutional context.

Project GFID to better support businesses during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project GFID is an initiative designed to identify solutions and align external innovation to assist local businesses as they adjust to, and thrive in, the new post-COVID economy. GFID INDIA leverages the innovation, products, and services already located in India, as a means to provide cross-industry solutions to help businesses adapt to new methods of doing business.

Project GFID utilizes a systematic approach to identify COVID-generated challenges within the top ten industries in India. These industries, chosen based upon the number of establishments and percentage of overall employment, are: health care and social assistance, retail trade, accommodation and food services, manufacturing , construction, transportation and warehousing, other services except public administration, wholesale trade, professional and technical services, and finance and insurance. By addressing one industry at a time, then leveraging the network and strength of local economic development partners, the Chambers will identify and deliver innovative solutions to help businesses “gfid” and thrive in the new, post-COVID business environment.

Project GFID has three main components:

Whatever your business, whatever your challenges - we can help!

Business is done better together

Our members face a range of challenges and issues which impact their ability to grow and do business. Our policy and representation work connects directly with central government, local government, policymakers and influencers. Simply put, we are a powerful platform which amplifies the voice of the local business community and ensures that the needs of Black Country firms are listened to and taken seriously.


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