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Consultancy Support

The GFID Chamber of Commerce-India offers a global network of experience and knowledge taking Indian-American business beyond our borders and into the international market. The network of chambers of commerce worldwide is synonymous with trade and business opportunity.

In the India and the United States of America, our network of accredited Chambers supports and advises businesses in all areas including; international trade, business networking, education projects, business plans for company start-ups-growth-expansion and exporting.

We do this by offering links to Indian networks through Chambers India and bi-lateral networking through International Chambers of Commerce as we are closely aligned to the US Chamber of Commerce and their 4 million members worldwide including our chapters across the United States.

What we do

GFID INDIA offers internal business strategies, data-driven research, event planning, comprehensive business plans, one on one management services and “networking connections” to expanding companies and organization within current markets while also allow companies to explore new and developing markets.

In addition our network also arranges international trade missions, hosts in-bound visits from companies seeking to buy or invest in the India and United States and the facilitation of high-level introductions within fortune 500 companies and government leaders while also providing them with the vital documentation needed to secure services or contract information but most importantly getting paid in a timely and secure manner.

Key Services:

Our Fee: Negotiable based on project needs or services rendered

Working & Focus Area's

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping are two of the most common consulting activities needed by small businesses. When deciding whether or not to contract out some or all of your bookkeeping or accounting duties, ask:

Information Technology (IT) Services

IT is one of the most rapidly changing fields in business as new technology regularly impacts devices or software systems including: .....

Human Resources

Dealing with personnel-related issues often is difficult and time-consuming, and many small businesses cannot afford the expense of a dedicated human resources (HR) individual or department......


Successful is essential to attracting and retaining customers—the number one need for most businesses, especially startups. Unfortunately, marketing is highly specialized and .....

Legal Services

Having a good business lawyer available when you need one can be valuable when confronted with circumstances that involve more complex legal issues or may involve liability, such as: .....

Why Use A Consultant For Your Business?

In the current economic environment, it is important that businesses find ways to stand out, tighten their operations, and increase their revenues while keeping expenses low. As many businesses struggle to stay ahead of the competition, the day-to-day operations of the business are more than enough to keep management busy, especially in smaller businesses where owners or managers wear many hats. Choosing to use an experienced consultant may allow businesses the ability to grow, rather than simply attempting to maintain the status quo.

So, who are consultants? Supply Chain Management consultants can range from professional engineer’s (PEngs), professional project managers (PMP), Professional Logistician (P Log) or consulting firms who offer all these services from large to small business. The number one benefit that consultants can offer to businesses is that they can provide temporary expertise. Hiring a consultant allows firms the ability to pay only for the services they need, rather than investing in pricey technologies or paying to keep staff on hand that may not always be needed. In addition, hiring a consultant enables cost benefits associated with a lack of taxes, the need to pay benefits, or human resources issues that are associated with hiring a new full-time employee. The costs involved in hiring a consultant are also scalable, so the firm can track costs and match them to the projects completed by the consultant. This allows the firm to analyze the value provided by the consultant. Finally, when the firm no longer needs the consultant’s services, the relationship is easily terminated.

Consultants also provide a significant amount of value for an organization. They can help to develop strategies for growth or manage projects. Since consultants are not committed to a single firm, they bring experience from a variety of companies and industries, which allows them to offer creative solutions and enables “out of the box” thinking. They can provide an objective viewpoint, which allows for more diverse ideas than could be provided solely by employees within the organization. A consultant may have a higher level of business expertise than the average employee and can provide unique solutions for businesses. Companies may want to consider the advantages of the level of expertise that can be brought by a consultant, as well as how they could benefit from having an established strategic plan.

Of course, an organization should continue to track the benefits provided by a consultant. As the firm grows, it may become more cost efficient to bring the services provided by a consultant in-house, so value should be routinely monitored. Having full-time employees provides its own benefits such as specific industry experience, the ability to perform varied organizational duties, a full-time presence on site, and a set salary. However, for many companies, the flexibility provided by an outside consultant can be the most cost-effective and valuable option for business development and revenue growth.

Benefits of using a consultant:

GFID INDIA Consultancy Support was founded on the principle of getting projects done efficiently and effectively. At Simplify we take complex problems and break them down into simple blocks and solve problems effectively. You get a dedicated team with expertise in project management, engineering, supply chain security and logistics.

We develop the methods and tools to increase efficiency and reduce cost of supply chain for our clients. From assessment to implementation to quality assurance we are with you to facilitate a clear and actionable road map for success. We build genuine partnerships with our clients through supply chain initiatives that further grow the function of your business.

Check out our site at / or feel free to contact us today at [email protected] or +919826011056 Or +91-731-4979467