• MP Society Registration (Act. 1973 No. 44) 03/27/01/21857/19 (MSME Forum Established Since-2009)


GFID INDIA, in its mission to foster balanced economic, social and industrial development, has formed the GFID INDIA FOUNDATION FOR CORPORATE SOCIAL REPSONSIBILITY (GIFCSR). The foundation aims at taking ahead the objective of CSR to embrace responsibility for the company's actions and to encompass a positive impact on the environment, economical and social aspect of the community at large. The foundation is intended to be the most inclusive and culturally competent centre for the poor and backward society of the country.

Being the apex chamber of the country, GFID INDIA recognizes that it is in a unique position to assist in the growth and development of the community. The major areas of deliberation under the GIFCSR will be the educational, social and economical well being of the poor and backward community of the society.

Surging economies, including India, are coping with issues related to poverty, child rights, community welfare etc and are a hotbed for an innovative CSR Scenario which is still shaping up. To ensure just, sustainable, and balanced development the corporate must join hands with this Foundation. It is today that we make a difference for tomorrow.

Corporate sector is the prime mover of economic growth and therefore should come forward and share their responsibilities for redistributive and inclusive growth. Corporate social responsibility is presenting itself both as an opportunity and an important requirement for corporate to be engaged in. It would help the corporate in their brand building and will contribute towards faster and more balanced growth of our society.

We encourage our members to support in our commitment for the upliftment and well being of the society through combined efforts.